We’ll Save Each Other (A Caroline-Tyler story)

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We’ll Save Each Other


It’s the first day of school and already Tyler Lockwood has gotten himself in trouble. Of course. Even at six he knows that he’s an embarrassment to his family. He forgot to bring the rest of his school supplies with him, and if he doesn’t have them he’ll have to sit in the time out corner and then catch up on all the work. He feels like crying, but he won’t. He’s an important person, as he’s told over and over by his mother and father. A Lockwood, and as his father loves to remind him, Lockwood men don’t cry.

Suddenly, a pretty blonde girl wearing a light blue dress sits next to him. She smiles and puts her hand out for him.

“I’m Caroline Forbes.” He just rolls his eyes.

“I know who you are. Your mom is the police lady.”

“Yeah, she is.” She stops, and then giggles. “You know, when we were little, we used to play together. My mom told me.”

“Oh.” He doesn’t feel like talking, especially to a girl. He tries to look around for another place to sit because he can only imagine that she’ll keep talking and talking. But, she doesn’t. Instead she puts her crayons and colored pencils in the middle of the desk.

“You can use them too.”

And so he does, and he doesn’t get in trouble that first day. Oh sure, there were other days he’d get in trouble, but that day Caroline offered him a saving grace, and he’d never forget it.


Caroline wants to stay in bed forever and never leave. Her dad left and the whole town knows why, he’s gay. He fell in love with a man, and now nobody will stop talking about it. The other kids make fun of her and they say really mean things about her daddy. But Liz Forbes doesn’t want to hear it.

“You’re going to school. You need to face adversity.” Whatever the hell that meant.

So, Caroline goes to school and is sitting in class when Billy Palmer turns around and starts in with her.

“I heard that if one if your parents is gay, it means you’ll be gay too. It’s in your genes!”

And all the other boys and girls start laughing.

“No, it’s not. It’s not genetic, Billy.”

“How do you know? Your dad got married. Maybe you’ll get married and realize you’re gay too. Everyone stay away from Caroline! She’s got the gay gene.”

Another idiot, Sean Picker chimed in.

“No wonder she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Caroline likes girls!”

The whole entire class erupted in laughter as she ran out of the classroom into the bathroom where she stayed until lunch.

When she came out and joined Bonnie and Elena they were talking about the latest gossip.

“I can’t believe Tyler did that! He’s going to be in soooo much trouble.”

Caroline approached the table.

“What did Tyler do?”

Bonnie and Elena just looked at each other, unsure of what to say.

“Uh, he punched Billy.”

“He what? Why?’

“Um, cause of you.”

Caroline was stunned. Her? She and Tyler barely interacted.

“Me? Really?

“Yeah, he told Billy to stop talking about you like that, and when Billy wouldn’t Tyler punched him.” Caroline looked around the schoolyard to see Tyler sporting an ice pack on his hand. She got up.

“I’ll be right back.” She sat down next to Tyler on the swings.

“What do youwant?”

“I just wanted to say thanks.” Tyler shrugged.

“I didn’t do it for you.” Caroline turned her head away from Tyler so she could smile.

“Oh, of course not.”

“I didn’t,” he insisted adamantly.



He’s such a fucking idiot. How can he be failing math, really? What’s the point of even questioning how, the point is he is failing math and if he fails a class he can’t play any sport. And he needs to play a sport. He just has so much aggression, and he doesn’t know why.

His dad makes it clear that he had better get his ass straight, or else. So, he goes to the student tutoring center. He’s supposed to meet his tutor today. He hopes it’s not a wimpy guy, but some hot girl.

And to his chagrin it’s Caroline. Damn.

His relationship with Caroline has been somewhere between rocky and non-existent. They’re friends, but on the cusp, only because they hang in the same circle. Matt is his best friend and he’s dating Elena, and Elena is one of Caroline’s best friends so of course they all hang out. He can’t pinpoint it but Caroline bugs him. She’s just so peppy. Doesn’t anything get this girl down?

“Tyler, are you paying attention?” He smiles cockily.

“I guess not.” She rolls her eyes.

“No wonder you’re failing.”

“Excuse me?”

“You obviously spent zero effort on this. I swear Tyler, keep this up and you’re not going to amount to much.” He snorted.

“Like you? Caroline, you’re not fooling anyone. You think you’re going to end up being this superstar, but you won’t. You’ll aim for the stars and all you’ll get is crap. You want to know why? Because you’re fake. You’re annoying and nobody believes this act you put on. I’m not going to amount to much? Please. You’ll end up getting pregnant from the first guy you sleep with and end up a lonely, depressed, stay-at-home mom who realizes when she’s 30 that she peaked at 18.”

Caroline just stared at him for what seemed like forever.

“Fuck you.” Tyler got up and walked out, but before he did he turned around.

“No thanks.”


Caroline is running for student body president and boy is it harder than she thought. She’s stuck at school one day putting up posters when who comes into the hallway but none other than Tyler Lockwood. She groaned. They hadn’t spoken in two years.

Oh sure, they nodded when they were around each other, but no real conversations, nothing of substance. He was downright mean and she didn’t need that.

She’s climbing the ladder to put up a poster when she suddenly slips and falls, right on her butt.


She looks down at the nasty scrape on her arm which is bleeding.

“Are you okay?” she hears a voice come from beside her. She pulls herself up.

“No, not really, but why would youcare?” He comes to her side to help her walk.

“I’m sorry about that day. I really am. I just, I get angry sometimes.”

“Well, welcome to the world.”


They look at each other for a minute. “You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. No big.”

“Okay, then I guess I’ll see you around. Bye Caroline.”

“Bye Tyler.”

Late 2010:

Everything has changed. Caroline is a vampire and Tyler is a werewolf.

She was just with him through his first transformation and it was the worst thing she’s ever experienced. She wanted to take away all of his pain. It’s ironic, Tyler was the boy who had made her life miserable at many points in her life, and now it was like they had this unbreakable bond.

She wanted to save him, that’s all there was to it.


Tyler is frantic. His mom promised him Caroline would be okay and she wasn’t. He needs her, he needs to be with her, to have her in his arms. He prays that she’s still alive because if he’s not, well, he doesn’t know what he’ll do.

He goes to Liz, who has an idea where she might be, and she’s right.

Caroline’s being held captive by her father, the bastard.

Liz allows him to go get Caroline. He unchains her and puts back her daylight ring on her finger, aware of the possible foreshadowing, especially as he carries her in his arms over the threshold.

He goes with them back to Caroline’s house and lets her have her moment with her mother. Then he enters the room.

“Would this be a bad time to give you crap for sneaking out on me?” She laughs, and offers him a spot in her bed. He takes it and lets her lie on him.

She starts to cry. “He hates me. My father hates me.”

He sooths her the best he can.

He wants to save her, that’s all there is to it.

He ends up falling asleep, but wakes up to Caroline sitting up in bed.

“What’s wrong?”

“How can we do this?”

“Do what?” He’s confused.

Us. You and me. It’s impossible. We’re bred to be enemies. Someone will always want us dead. I feel like we’ll always need to be saved.” Tyler shrugged.

“So, we’ll save each other. We’re not the vampire and the werewolf. We’re Caroline and Tyler.”

Caroline looked at him and smiled.

“Yeah, we’ll save each other.”


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Why TC continue to amaze me

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Okay, be prepared for another Alyssa rant.

I found this quote and I think it fits TC perfectly

“Love is not blind – It sees more and not less, but because it sees more it is willing to see less.”
-Will Moss

If anything, this episode just personified why Caroline and Tyler are right for each other. Just like in the transformation episode when Caroline was there for him, he was there for Caroline. He didn’t think about what danger he might be putting himself in with Liz, or what the outcome might be, such as her telling him to stay away from her daughter, he just did it because he needs Caroline in his life.

And he was willing to get to that door no matter what. And when he saw her? The first thing he did was say “We’re going to get you out of here.” He unlocked those chains so fast, and then looked for her ring and put it on her, and carried her out, even though under normal circumstances she is highly capable of walking on her own and her strength outweighs his. And this is another example of why I love them, because they are not afraid to be vulnerable around the other person. Caroline just let Tyler carry her out of there, just as he let her be there for him during his transformation, even though he didn’t want to hurt her, or to see him in pain.

And the end scene? My heard just flip flopped. He doesn’t intrude on her moment with her mother, and waits for her to give him the okay to come in. And then he breaks the ice by making her laugh, and she allows him in her bed, and they cuddle. Once again, a couple not defined by grand gestures, but by the little ones. What a call back to 2×21. Tyler just let’s her cry, because in that instant she needed to cry. She didn’t need to hear falsities or “it’s going to be okay,” and I thought it was such a beautiful scene.

Sometimes we tell people it will be okay because we want it to be, and we know they do too, but the truth is, it’s not always the best thing to tell someone.

Caroline just needed Tyler to be there for her, and he was. Physically and emotionally. I’m sure he’d stay the entire night if she wanted him too.

Both Caroline and Tyler know who the other person is and they accept them, faults and all. People keep saying how Caroline and Tyler are not monsters, and that’s entirely true, but the truth is they know they each have sides to them that are dangerous, but because they love each other and they trust each other implicitly, they are less inclined to notice their significant other’s flaws. And I’m not just talking about Caroline’s need for blood and Tyler’s tendency to turn into a wolf once a month, but their human flaws. Tyler gets angry and Caroline is neurotic and insecure, but it doesn’t matter.

This is truly one of the best written TV couples and I am just flawed by how much is said without actually being said in such few scenes. I got so much more out of the episode from the five or so minutes we got with Caroline and Tyler than I did with 55 minutes of D/E/S.

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I have to say one thing. Klaus is so FUCKING lame. I hate him. He is so damn anticlimactic, it’s not even funny. The dude goes all the way to TN to find a werewolf. Um, paging Dr. Obvious, remember Tyler? Mystic Falls? Yeah.

 I just don’t get his purpose, but then again, I find the vamps on TVD do be so tame.  So, I’m entitling this meta to be Buffy Vamps Vs TVD Vamps.

 I don’t know what it was about Buffy vamps, but these dudes were way more scary and a hell of a lot more interesting. I don’t know if it’s been the story telling but lately I have no faith in TVD writers to pull of an interesting Rippah arc with Stefan. I guess it’s because the vamps on TVD are more humanized and there’s no argument over having a soul not having a soul. The vamps of TVD just have the option to turn it off, not that they don’t have a conscience, they can just choose not to listen to it.

Which is where Buffy handled it much better. Buffy vamps were un-souled bad ass mofo’s. I was talking with my lovely friend Susan (caughtinafadinglight) and we’re both anti-Klaus. I seriously can’t believe the writers spent half of season two on his dumbass and they killed Jenna off for him.

 And how long is he going to stick around? Really? What is his purpose?? Woah, he’s a hybrid. That was interesting for .2 seconds. Now he wants to build an army.

What an idiot. 

Let me get back to some of my favorite bad ass vamps. 

Angelus: When Angel was Angel, he felt remorse for those many centuries of killing, but when he was Angelus you sure as hell didn’t see him calling Buffy and crying his whiny ass off about killing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Stefan, but clearly where we’re going wrong is him crying. I mean, I want a badass rippah. Even Damon in his S1 days isn’t what I would call scary, or terrifying. Damon’s just..I don’t know. I know he’s supposed to be Stefan’s antithesis, his polar opposite, the bad boy, but what is really bad about him? 

When Angelus snapped Jenny Calendar’s neck it was golden. It was a big FU and him saying “Lady, your life is so meaningless to me that I’m not going to feed on you. I’m just going to kill you.” In the most terrifying way possible, and coldest way. 

My number two bad ass vamp. 

Spike: Spike fought, and killed two slayers. He got his name because he liked to torture his victims with train tracks. When Spike first appeared I really thought, damn, if there was one vamp who could kill Buffy, this would be it, and had it not been for the rivalry and jealousy regarding Drusilla, and then later their love for Buffy, Angel and Spike would made a much better duo than Lame!Klaus and Not!So!Ripper!Stefan. I mean, they did. When it was Darla, Angel, Spike and Dru, these were a fearsome foursome. 

I just think there’s a lot of areas where TVD lacks, and I think the Klaus story has so far been a fail. I’m not even caring about the originals right now. Seriously.

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You’re Worth It (a TC ficlet)

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You’re Worth It

It’s the little things she does, the smiles she gives him, how she’s with him on every full moon even when he fights her, but with no avail.

It’s how she whispers “everything is going to be okay,” in that voice, and he believes  it.

It’s how she tells him she loves him and she’ll never leave him.

It’s how she’s not afraid of him being a wolf. It’s not she’s not afraid of him.

It’s how he can be completely honest around her, no bars held, no joking, no sidestepping the subject.

And that’s why he has to ask why. Why him and not Matt. Why is she with him? Who is he to deserve her?

And all she needs to say is three words; “You’re worth it.”

And he is, and it’s how he has the courage every day to live this life and do what needs to be done, because in her eyes he’s worth it, and that’s his reasoning for everything.

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Amazing (A TC fic)

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It’s amazing when you think about it really, how last year Caroline Forbes wasn’t even a blip on his radar, and yet here he was transforming in front of his mother to protect her, but really, what choice did he have?

He loved her.

It’s amazing how she used to be just this insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit who was dating his best friend. He dismissed Caroline like everyone else did, and now he was sorry that he had missed out on knowing her, on really knowing her, especially since there was a chance that he’d never see her again. But no, he couldn’t think about that. He needed to pretend that she was here, his light, his soul, a fly on the wall that was there no matter what.

It’s amazing how he used to not think of her and now she was all he could think about. Where was she? Was she in pain?

It’s been a day and a half since his mother promised him that she’d make sure no harm came to Caroline and yet, she’s still not around. He’s worried.

It’s amazing that he never cared or worried about Caroline, even when she was in the hospital after the car accident. Oh sure, he felt bad, but to be honest, Caroline was just…Caroline. No one special. Now, she was the most special person in his life.

He goes to Liz to ask for help in finding Caroline.

It’s amazing that he’d never cared before if a girl he was seeing took off and didn’t return his calls, but because it was Caroline it meant everything.

They find her, eventually, and she’s been tortured by her father. She’s a mess and crying and he wishes with everything he has that he could trade places with her because he can’t fucking stand to see her cry.

It’s amazing that it used to be a game of his, to see how many times he could make Caroline cry. She used to annoy the hell out of him, and now he’s horrified because he really did make her cry a lot, and now seeing her in tears makes him feel like his heart is broken into a million pieces.

He lets Liz take her away from him, though he doesn’t want to, but Liz is firm with her “I’ll take it from here, Tyler.” She brings her back to the house, cleans her up, and Caroline comes into her bedroom where Tyler is awaiting her.

And she doesn’t say anything, she just goes into his arms, and he’s holding her, and rocking her as they fall to her bed. She’s heartbroken that her dad would do that to her, and how could he not love her.

It’s amazing because Tyler swore that he’d never fall in love.

He doesn’t say anything until she begins to kiss him, and takes off her bathrobe. But he stops her.

“No, Caroline.” She’s shocked.


“It doesn’t feel right. You’ve been…through hell.”

“You don’t want to?”

Oh god, he does. Does he ever.

“No, I do. But, you don’t need to.” She laughs.

“Isn’t that what I am? All I am? My dad thinks so. Said so himself. Even before I was a vampire that I was such a disappointment.” He shakes his head.

“No. That’s not you. That’s never been you. He is the disappointment. How could he not see how amazing you are?” She looks up at him with eyes widened.

“You think I’m amazing?”

“I do.”

And what’s even more amazing? He means it.

So he lets her fall asleep in his arms content with not having slept together, because he knows she gave him something better, her trust and her heart, and knowing that she’s okay in his arms is really all he needs.

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Another rant aka people annoy me

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LOL at people thinking Caroline and Tyler were being disrespectful to Matt. WTF? He broke up with her. Let’s reiterate that. He broke up with her.

She’s free to do whatever she pleases, and so is Tyler. They owe Matt nothing. Matt lied to Caroline and ran around with her mother behind her back. And he’s basically been an ass to her the whole time they were going out.

God, why does everyone think that there’s been no build up? How much build up do you people need? I don’t get it. They started their friendship in 2×08. It’s now the third season. Lest I remind you that there have been many shows where couples are deemed epic after a few episodes.

I just don’t get it. She was there with him for the transformation even though he could have killed her. That pretty much sealed their bond. And they’ve been through some pretty heavy stuff together.

So, with that being said, what is the big freakin’ deal about them finally doing something about their feelings and having sex?

Matt has no claim over Caroline, you hear me? None. He and Tyler are not friends anymore, and he and Caroline are not together anymore. I don’t see why they owe him anything.

I’ll tell you what, when Matt apologises to Caroline for being the worst boyfriend ever and never being able to compliment her without saying something degrading, apologises for deceiving her into compelling him when he wasn’t compelled by giving the most gut wrenching emotionally abusive speech “I don’t want to look at you and see what I’m seeing,” and yelling, yes, yelling to MAKE HIM FORGET, and for being such a douchebag, then Caroline can say “Sorry, but your best friend treats me better than you ever did.”


Poor Matt my ass. I’m so tired of this show exploiting how bad Matt has it. Hello. Elena has lost all of her parents within the span of a year, as has Jeremy, who has died. Tyler lost his dad and became a werewolf. Caroline was killed and became a vampire. Bonnie’s from a broken home as well, and yet we have Matt running around thinking his poor life is a reason to gain him sympathy and it makes me want to projectile vomit.

Everyone has a hard life on this show. Every one. Matt deserves no special treatment. Sorry that your sister died and your mom’s AWOL, but you had Caroline on your side. And you treated her like crap. So, deal with it.

Caroline is not reverting back to S1 Caroline. She’s not the needy girl she was. Please stop saying that.

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Caroline and Tyler mini-meta (I have yet to process 301 completely)

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Okay, so I haven’t quite had the time to process my feelings on 301 yet, but I’ve seen a lot of people upset about Caroline leaving Tyler in his bed. So, I am going to focus on that, and Tyler-Caroline relationship in general. But there will be parts of 301 in here.



If you want to be respected by others the great thing is to respect yourself.  Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you.  ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky



Season 1:


Caroline in season one was insecure, neurotic, and bitchy, but as Tyler said she has always been a girl with heart. My heart broke for Caroline when she said “I’m never the one.” She gets involved with Damon who uses her, and then ends up in a relationship with Matt, who doesn’t give her the respect she deserves, and I think a lot of that is because he picks up on how insecure she is. No, I’m not saying it’s Caroline’s fault at all. Believe me, it’s not. I just think about the fact that some animals smell fear, well, I think some people smell insecurity and thrive on it, because it puts them in the power position.


Now let’s move onto season 2:


Season two had Caroline killed and become a vampire, but in an interesting turn of events, becoming a vampire has resurrected her and not killed her. Through being a vampire she’s become more confident person, self-assured, and strong. She’s empathetic and willing to go through great lengths to help the people she cares about, and one of those people is Tyler. You can’t deny the bond they had in season two, so when people call them on their no build up, I call bullshit. They had a buildup. There wasn’t much need for more after she risked her life to stay with him while he transformed.


But then stupid contrived stuff happened that we’ll skip, and then Tyler came back, and here was another prime example of how much Caroline has grown in the self-respect aspect. There’s no holding back with Tyler, and I love that. She tells him in the tombs, or asks him, because she needs to know, “Why did you leave me?” and I think that was such a growth from a character who was too afraid to tell Matt how she felt because I think Caroline always knew that Matt never respected her, not the way that Tyler does. She felt comfortable enough with him to ask a very difficult question, because who knows what the answer could be.


But she does. And I think Tyler feeds off of that. He respects her because of this newfound respect she’s found for herself.


And then she offers to be with him again during his next transformation, and what I loved about that scene in 2×21 is that she tries to communicate with Tyler in his wolf form, because in her heart she truly believes that this IS Tyler. He may be a wolf, but his essence, his soul is Tyler, and because they share a bond so strong, maybe just maybe she can connect to him.



She’s grown up this summer, hung out with someone who supports her unconditionally and makes her feel good about being HER. I actually think perhaps she was feeling loving feelings for him when she saw him again when he returned to Mystic Falls.

Season 3 will see a new mature Caroline. She’s grown exponentially between seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 will elaborate her confidence, and will allow her to do what she did in 2×22, give her heart to someone, putting it all on the line.


So, why did she run if she’s so confident and respects herself?




Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.  ~German Proverb
Caroline is afraid.

Her last relationship ended badly her “relationship” with Damon was basically mind-fuckery and rape. She’s not the kind of girl who gets the guy, or who rather is the one who the guy wants, and for the first time she is. She saw Tyler as not just a friend, but a lover, and what I mean by lover is someone who she could be in messy love with. And if that love ends, so will that relationship in its entirety.

We have to remember how much Caroline and Tyler are a part of each other’s lives, and how deep and visceral their connection is. Caroline can tell almost anything to Tyler and the same with him. She’s comfortable being in the friend zone with him because there’s no danger, and I think 301 played on that. It jolted her into that reality of “OMG, Tyler. I love Tyler. He’s who I should be with.” But she’s not ready to deal with that. Girl has grown, but she’s still neurotic Caroline. But I can cut her some slack, because she’s amazing, and she’s been through a lot, and Tyler had time to process her feelings and her processing is coming after an extremely heightened situation with jealousy and booze.

Plus, I think Tyler had to get it through his head that someone WOULD care about him, and that’s why I loved 301 as a parallel to 212. In 212, Caroline was the one who was saying “Hey, you deserve to be cared about. I care about you,” while in 301 it was Tyler who was saying “You deserve to be loved. I love you.” It wasn’t that subtle but it was there, in between the lines.

Now, Caroline needs to get over her fear that she doesn’t deserve to be loved the way Tyler will and can love her.

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It’s so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you. ~Author Unknown

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My Meta on Tyler and Caroline and their upcoming journey + analyzing the TC sex scene in the promo.
I looked really hard for a quote that would encompass TC’s love, and I think that quote does. With Caroline, she lives in her head and has “fallen in love” with Matt, but he wasn’t there to catch her because he was only with her because she was there. He was lonely and recently dumped by Elena and when another girl showed interest in him, he jumped. But he shouldn’t and Matt and Caroline should have never been together for that fact.
Them being together has only brought Caroline even further down.
Now let’s analyze Tyler.
Here’s a boy who’s probably never known real love in his life. I’m sure his mother loves him, but I don’t think she was very hands on and was probably critical rather than affectionate, and we know that Tyler didn’t get love from his dad. So, he sought out relationships that were carefree and would never amount to much (i.e. Vicki) went for meaningless hookups (Aimee Bradley) because like Caroline pointed out he “doesn’t want anybody to care” about him, because he feels unworthy.
As does Caroline. Caroline doesn’t get the love she wants or needs from her mother, although it’s clear that Liz does love Caroline, just not enough as she loves her job. And Caroline’s dad clearly decided his happiness was more important than his daughter’s.
So, here we have two lonely celestial beings just longing to belong to someone, and now they have found that other person.
In season 1, Tyler was a dick, and Caroline had her bitchy moments. He was angry and she was insecure and then came season 2 and their retrospective transformations. Both scarred, both alone in this, until they found each other. Being through what she went through made Caroline more empathetic to Tyler’s situation and no matter how close they were or weren’t in the past had no bearing on the situation at hand. Caroline was going to help Tyler no matter what, even if it meant sacrificing her safety.
Tyler sacrificed his happiness for Caroline’s. After everything with “Daddy Issues” and “Crying Wolf” went down, you could see he still wanted to mend his relationship with Caroline but when she was unwilling to let him back into her life, he left, because being in the shadows of her life was heartbreaking for him, and he needed to leave. His “not like this” line to Jules meant, at least to me, that if he was going to come back to Mystic Falls, he was going to come back a better man, for Caroline.
Oh, yes, it had a lot to do with his confusion over where he stood living in Vampire Country, but I think it was for Caroline. All for Caroline.
He even goes to Matt (ugh) and tells him in essence that he (Tyler) doesn’t deserve Caroline, even though he so wants to, and though it’s killing him to leave, he gives up the girl to the one guy who is not even close to deserving her.
And then he returns to Mystic Falls, hoping to slip in and out quietly, but this being MF, he doesn’t, and boom, right into Caroline. It’s clear that he wasn’t expecting to see her and probably tried his best to put her out of his mind while he was gone, because it was too painful.
You can tell how much he loves her in this scene and how powerful (though not yet love) her feelings are for him. With the wind blowing and both of them knowing that there’s so much to say and not enough time to say it, it’s all on their faces, their emotions lie bare.
Then there’s the scene in the tombs where Tyler gets the best answer from Caroline he could hope to get, that she doesn’t hate him, or rather, could never hate him. And the smile across his face is amazing.
Then we once again have Tyler transforming and Caroline being there, telling him to calm down, and she is not freaked out. Not one bit. She is just as comfortable with him being a wolf as she is with him being human, as she tries to connect to him in wolf form.
When he arrives at his house naked, Caroline once again takes care of him, and then they have one of the most amazing scenes. The couch cuddle. Again, Tyler is willing to listen and give the girl he loves who he wants so much more than a friend some comfort because her dick of a boyfriend broke up with her. It doesn’t matter that she’s a mess; to him she’s just Caroline and beautiful and it doesn’t matter that he’s in pain and shot. He just wants to be there for her as she is for him.
Now as season three approaches Caroline and Tyler are in the throes of passion, and leaving their platonic friendship behind.
I am so excited, because you can see from their love scenes how it doesn’t detract from their emotional scenes, but it adds to it. As my friend Spidey said, Tyler wants to know every part of Caroline. Every single part. He will revel in being with her and cherish it.
It also gets better from there.
Episode 2 has Caroline in need of Tyler’s help who is facing an emotional confrontation with his mother. I have no doubt that confrontation will be about Caroline or include Caroline, and Tyler will let his mother know how serious about the blonde vamp he is.
Episode 3 has Tyler going to Sheriff Forbes because he is concerned about Caroline. Can I just say SWOON? Assuming my theory is right and that being Carol does something to Caroline, episode 3 will surround Caroline having a difficult time facing those issues and Tyler may think she’s pulling away from him, or whatever, and the fact that he goes to Sheriff Forbes who is no doubt probably majorly PO’d at the Lockwood family in its entirety shows that he doesn’t care. He’s going to go the lengths for Caroline no matter what, because she is his other half, the one who he’s been searching for, the one who will catch him.
I say, bring it on!

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Character Analysis: BTVS Vs TVD

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First off,  eleven days until we get TC sex!


Okay, now, since I’m a bit bored, I thought I’d a do a meta on BTVS vs TVD matching up each character (well, those I consider to be major characters) and seeing who wins, and my reasons.

Here we go.

Buffy Vs. Elena-Protruding Protagonists

They’re both essentially the protagonists, the supposed heroines, both have dated vampires, both questioned their morals.

Winner: Buffy

Reason: I think that both have big flaws, but I think in the end, Buffy had a life outside of the guys she was with, and I don’t think the writers have given Elena much of a life outside of Stefan. Even as this new season approaches it seems she’s stagnant and can’t move forward. Plus, as much as Buffy admittedly had a superiority complex, her relationships with her friends were much better IMO than the ones Elena has. Sometimes I forget that Elena and Caroline are even friends. I don’t know. I just think if you’re looking for a strong female lead, Buffy is the winner.

Cordy Vs Caroline-Queen Bees

Ah, Cordelia Chase. It was a shame how your character was ruined, but let’s stick to the issue. Both Caroline and Cordelia are essentially the Queen Bees with a heart of gold, who may have started off a bit clueless and bitchy, but in the end have certainly come into their own. Both have had their share of great lines, and are these ladies not lovely?

Winner: Caroline

Reason: Don’t get me wrong, I love Cordy, and I think she was bitchin’, but there’s something so amazing about the way Candice Accola plays Caroline that even in season one when she had her moments, you just want to give her a hug. I would say she’s a bit more caring than Cordelia, and just elicits more of a response. Whether it’s ferocious Caroline, or vulnerable Caroline, I love her character either way, and she has just proved herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Xander Vs. Jeremy-The Outsiders

Up until season two, Jeremy was the outsider of the group, like Xander who was deemed “The Zeppo” by Cordelia. No magic powers, trying very hard to figure out their world and what place they held.

Winner: Xander

Reason: I love Xander. You just had to feel for him. He never quite fit in, and he brought the funny. I love how he was validated in S7 when Buffy told him that he was “her strength.” It made me squee, probably because I’ve always had a soft spot for Buffy/Xander, but besides that. I think Steve McQueen is made of win and I love the Jeremy character, but Xander is who my heart lies with.

Oz Vs Tyler: Wonderful Wolves

When Seth Green appeared on Buffy during season 2, I was immediately intrigued by his character, mainly because of his interaction with Willow. He was amazingly charming and awesome, and stoicness of Oz also was hilarious. “Um…arm.” And then we have Tyler, who has captured my heart in season two as a character, and that is in large part due to his relationship with Caroline.

Winner: Tyler

Reason: I think Tyler’s struggles with being a werewolf are much more realistic, and the amazing performance of Michael Trevino also helps a great deal. But let’s just compare a bit. Oz’s werewolf was….I don’t even know. A bit disappointed in Whedon for not being able to come up with a more realistic looking werewolf. I also think it was Seth Green’s  decision to leave and the way that happened that left a sour taste in my mouth. We never actually saw Oz grapple with being a werewolf, not really. We touched upon it in “Beauty and the Beasts” when Oz thinks he killed someone and then again in “Wild At Heart,” when he comes to the realization thanks to Slut!Veruca that he’s not only the wolf three nights a month (also, three nights, really BTVS?) but he’s the wolf all the time. I kind of wish SG had stuck around as Whedon had said they had planned the Veruca-Oz arc to go longer, but then again, I don’t think I could have taken Willow in more agony. MT, like CA, elicits this vulnerability which is pure magic, which is why they work well together.


Okay, I’m kind of tired now. Part 2 will come later with Spike Vs Damon, Angel Vs Stefan, Faith Vs Katherine, Giles Vs Alaric, Dawn Vs Matt, and the Clueless mothers, Joyce V Carol V Liz.

Stay tuned

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Why Caroline and Tyler will be awesome this season (and we’ll have no venting sessions)

August 21, 2011 at 8:34 pm (Uncategorized)

25 days left people! We can do this! Yes, yes we CAN!

So, why Tyler and Caroline will be amazeballs this season.

First off, we’ve never seen Tyler in love, and I think Tyler in love will be glorious, from not wanting Caroline with him on full moons, to letting his mom know what while he loves her and she’s always going to be his mother, he’s not going to let her dictate anything in regards to his relationship with Caroline and he’s going to make it clear that he loves Caroline.

And, while Caroline’s admitted to being “in love” with he-who-shall-not-be-named, I think she’ll come to realize that what she had with HWSNBN was puppy love, and what she has with Tyler is real, no bars held, passion, can’t-stay-away-not-even-for-a-minute, messy, there will be tears and arguing and love making pure adult love.

And I can’t wait to see them not being able to stay way from each other, because being with each other is as natural as breathing, and they don’t have to pretend or be anything other than who they are. No hiding, no apologizing, no bargaining, just being with each other.

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